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The Search Firm that Succeeds in Finding the Right Fit

Howard & O’Brien Executive Search’s FIT³® process gets results. You get — and keep — executive level talent that fits your company, fits your needs and fits your culture. After one year, 95% of our placements are still on board.

We often recommend that our clients ask six questions when evaluating their search firm options:

1. What is your completion rate?
     Howard & O’Brien’s is 98%

2. What is your client repeat rate?
     Howard & O’Brien’s is 69%

3. How is your female and minority placement?
     Howard & O’Brien’s is 34%

4. How long is your average completion time?
     Howard & O’Brien’s is 20 weeks

5. How many blocked companies do you have?
     Howard & O’Brien has 25

6. What is your “stickiness” rate, to gauge your level of retention?
     After one year, Howard & O’Brien’s is 95%

When you ask the right questions, more often than not the answers add up to Howard & O’Brien being the right search firm for you.

Contact us today to find out why Howard & O’Brien is the search firm best suited to find the right fit for you.