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Our successful board of directors search practice now has a new tool. DirectorConnector® provides an active interface between boards and potential candidates.  It’s just one more way Howard & O’Brien Executive Search gives you the edge you need to find an inspired fit for your board of directors.

Your board of directors doesn’t follow the company culture, it creates it. When new board members fit, the result can be magic. When they don’t, there’s no fit for success.

Howard & O’Brien’s FIT³® approach applies to our board of directors search. And it works. Other firms might force a fit but not Howard & O’Brien. Our board of directors search team is different than most:  our team of experts are board members themselves.  We find your best fit because we actually serve on boards and are active search consultants for boards.

Every board of directors search is unique. Our proprietary FIT³® approach starts well before the search and extends far beyond the nomination and election to ensure lasting success.

With our experienced team, our FIT³® approach and DirectorConnector™, you’ll find the perfect intersection of talent and fit to meet your expectations.

Contact us today.  We’ll make sure everything lines up just right for your next board of directors search.