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FIT³ Equates to the Right Executive Recruiting Firm for You

Finding you the right fit can’t be accomplished by mere chance.  It is a discipline that takes a rigorous and proprietary plan by the right executive recruiting firm.  Howard & O’Brien Executive Search’s FIT³® is comprised of three critical steps resulting in Excellence in Executive Search®.

The FIT³® formula = F (Formulate the Strategy) + I (Investigate the Candidate) + T (Transition the Executive). Three steps in each phase ensure FIT³® adds up to the right executive for you.

F – Formulate the Strategy

This in-depth, comprehensive step in our service focuses on your company, its culture and its needs. By defining your essence, the experienced executive recruiting team at Howard & O’Brien can then formulate a strategy to identify the right fit.


♦ Develop a detailed overall Search Strategy document that profiles the right candidate and how to find that person.


♦ Create an Assessment Target that codifies the key characteristics that then shapes our assessment.


♦ Formulate the Position Specification, an overview of the organization, position, responsibilities and candidate traits.


I – Investigate the Candidate

The right executive recruiting firm embarks on a meticulous and purposeful investigation that develops the best potential candidates by setting parameters, studying possibilities and dialing in toward a more discerning viewpoint.


♦ Exhaustive Confidential Candidate Review, based on multiple assessments.


♦ Our “Best Fit” Questionnaire, a proprietary instrument unique to Howard & O’Brien customized for each search.


♦ Compare Assessment Results against the target to assure the best fit.


T – Transition the Executive

The last element of our FIT³® service is partnering to transition the executive. This is the fit behind the fit, an exhaustive and expert evaluation of the most relevant candidates as prelude to an alignment of person to company. When the right executive recruiting firm identifies the right fit, a negotiated transaction formalizes this relationship. Yet our contribution is in no way over, with continued support making a sizable difference.


♦ Dig deeper with References from three disparate groups — direct reports, peers and subordinates.


♦ Finalize the Agreement, and manage all aspects with meticulous attention and independent oversight.


♦ During Subsequent Touches, connect with the successful candidate and that person’s direct hiring leader at regular intervals. 


Let the executive recruiting firm with the most comprehensive process, FIT³®, put it to work for you. Contact us to find out how.